KineMaster is a highly impressive video editor that works on numerous different platforms

KineMaster Corporation

About KineMaster

KineMaster is a free piece of video editing software that offers an amazing user interface and a whole host of premium functions that will help you edit and finalize your videos in just about any way imaginable.

It's quite simple to use this app. First, you simply need to select the video content that you want in the final product. Give the composition a title, and decide on a general theme for the footage. The theme will relate to the introduction, so make sure the topic is relevant. While this is about the simplest version of the workflow, you can certainly expand it with greater detail and depth.

You can use this app to edit video content in the timeline directly, but this is a bit more complex than the rest of the editing features. However, if you can manage the complexity, it opens up the possibilities. You can then add transitions between clips, or you could add text, subtitles, or photo transitions.

Once you've finished with your creation, you can save it directly to your mobile device in whatever video quality you would like. You can also use the app to directly upload the new content to a synced YouTube or Facebook page.

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